19 September 2012

the inspiration to start again, or "I {heart} blogging"

I haven't been blogging for ages, but lately it has started to tug at my heart and my typing fingers again. A lot of my inspiration has come from Pinterest and the Alt classes and blog

In Pinterest I get that visual bump that makes me want to create and connect. As I look through my pins, I gain clarity on who I am and what I really want from my life, my home, my relationships and myself. As a very visual person, this has been a revelation; it makes me aware of the disconnect between the life I have been struggling through and the one that I really want to live. It makes me want more; not more stuff, but rather more love, more peace, more simplicity, more fun, more happiness.

The classes coordinated by the Alt Summit crew have been the other side of the coin; not the visualization, but the how-to-make-it-happen.  I have taken classes from amazing bloggers that I admire and others that I hadn't followed, but have done some amazing work.  They are always candid, honest, approachable and knowledgable.  It also has reminded me of how much I already know and how much I have pushed down this desire to blog, for fear of failure.  Time to rally!

Finally, the fabulous folks at Alt Summit recently started a blog and it has been packed full of killer, how-to-be-a-blogging-rockstar sort of material that gets my blood pumping. Seriously. My recent favorites include Easy Steps to a Great Bio, Dos and Don'ts of Writing a Guest Post, and the ah-mazing infographic A Creative Life, based on a presentation at AltNY.  For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog.  It will rock your socks!

So, here is to a new beginning?!?  Maybe, perhaps...I hope so.


Lisa Hensley said...

I am in sort of the same spot, trying to decide whether to continue blogging and why; whether to try to make it pay for at least a coffee a month or not; and wondering if it's just something I only *think* I'm good at. Good luck to you--you inspire me!

Sean Rasmussen said...

Lisa, if you only put passion on what you write about and add quality and informative content on your blog then you'll surely gain more than just have your blog pay for coffee a month. There are certain programs out there who can help you out on this. Best of luck to you and don't stop blogging! :)