30 January 2010

savory breakfast tarts, patchwork and a new baby

So, it seems like once a week was a stretch. The time is just flying by. The business is growing, life is settling in and this weekend I found some time to do a few projects, a little baking, little crafting, a little visiting with friends. Here's the recap:

  • Our friends, Becky and Gary had there first baby on Monday and he is beautiful and wonderful and I am so happy for them. Welcome to the world, Mathias!

  • He was a little early in coming, so what was intended to be a pre-baby shower turned in to a post-baby shower. We convened at Becky and Gary's house for yummy treats, baby snuggles, and good conversation. I was googling around online last night trying to find a savory brunchy recipe to make for the party and came across these Bacon & Egg Tarts on a beautiful Australian food blog. They were a big hit and so easy to make. I will post more about my version later this week.

  • I took a few hours to sew the other night. I had no plan, I just wanted to relax, use up some scraps and create something useful. I pulled together a little log house patchwork hot pad for the kitchen. It turned out much better then I expected and relieved a little pent-up creative steam.

  • It was sale weekend (through Saturday) at our fabulous local fabric boutique, Selvedge Studio and I had a gift certificate! I didn't have a specific project in mind, so I just grabbed a dozen or so half-yard pieces of a variety of different fabrics. I got such a great selection and it was so much fun.

03 January 2010

a new adventure

my helper

The past few months have been a whirlwind and it isn't over yet. I have sat down several times to write this post and then in a panic, hit delete, completely overwhelmed. So sorry to all of you who are still out there.

On November 1st, my husband (and I, of course) opened a martial arts studio and fitness center. It has been chaos, stress, excitement and panic for months now. It will all be great in a little bit and we will look back on these first months with nostalgia at some point I am sure, but it has been f*$)!@#ing hard. The goal is to allow my husband to do something he loves and to make it possible for me to stay home, take care of our family and our house. But for now, just to make things work, we are both still at our "real" jobs. Avery is in daycare an extra day a week so that I can make my schedule with the office work more, which is killing me. I hate not being around her. We are both working 14 hour days and still trying to keep our life from falling into utter chaos. We have had to deal with local business and real estate policies and laws that we had no idea would be so complex and excruciatingly challenging to understand. Did I mention it was hard.

Don't worry, I will stop complaining soon, I just need to tell you all what has been going on so that you understand why you have been a little neglected. I have not opened my google reader more then a couple of times to freak out over how many unread posts I have (1000+). I have visited a few of my favorite blogs, usually late at night after reading something riveting like "bookkeeping for dummies". I miss my crafting and cooking, but if I am coherent enough to straighten my house and pull some taquitos from the freezer for dinner, then "hallelujah"!

Its not that I haven't done anything. I have squeezed things in here and there because otherwise I might lose my mind. Here are a few updates from my hiatus:

eggs from the chickens, finally

one of the few crafts I have done, a doll for Avery

trips in the sled and playing in the only real snow we have had this year

cookie baking

a birthday party for Margot Bea

Despite all of the insanity, christmas with a toddler was so much fun...

At this point, my goal is a once a week check in here at the blog. I can't promise much, but I miss you all and I want to come back. So, hopefully I will talk to you all soon...