02 September 2009

refreshed and rejuvinated

I have not been here for a while, I have been off enjoying my family. I did not read blogs, I did not check or update facebook, I was off living my life. I did not read or watch the news, I barely checked my email, I was off making beautiful memories.

I had started to feel stuck in my blogging, my crafting, my life and couldn't quite figure out how to get unstuck, so I just stopped for a bit. I stopped all of it and just tried to do the things that I love to do and spend time with my favorite people.

J and I took a week off of work. We were going to go out to Portland and Seattle, but decided instead to just stay home, relax and enjoy each other. No rushing around, no craziness.

We did some projects around the house, but without pressure or high expectations. Most are only half-done so far. We took our family to the lake, we sat and played together, we went for walks, went to the park, went looking for a new dog. (eeek! can we handle two dogs? we will see.)

I generally have big expectations for time off, either we need to get a lot done, or we need to do something REALLY fun. This time I didn't. I just really wanted to enjoy my family, get back in touch with my husband. We had kind of lost each other for a while. And that time off, gave us a chance to find each other again. It was a great week!

On the final Sunday before we headed back to work, I found myself getting grumpy and panicked, "We didn't get the laundry done. The bathroom is only half painted. Can we really handle dog #2?". But then I consciously wrangled my thoughts and emotions and reminded myself how all of the little things won't be remembered 10 years from now, but my crazy teeny baby crawling with so much enthusiasm, in and out of the lake, splashing, yelling and laughing, that is what we will remember. Listening to her "playing" the piano, stopping only to clap for herself. Watching the new puppy and our old puppy wrestle and play, racing around the yard. Those are the magical things.

So, I am back, refreshed. I have some great blog ideas and I can't wait to share them. Onward and upward, friends. Onward and upward...


Beegirl said...

Glad you took some time to re-group. Sounds wonderful! Welcome back..!

June said...

Good to have you back. You were missed. But so happy to hear that you got to spend some time with your beloveds. Love the image of the baby crawling in and out of the water. Unforgettable.