25 September 2009

affordable art

Last month marked the end of a 4-year tenure as a volunteer with the Missoula Art Museum's Artini Thursday committee. I love the organization and the program, but life has me in a different spot right now. A spot with a lot less free time then I had 4 years ago.

I am still a member and we were just there last week checking out a few of the incredible new exhibits. Since then, I have been craving some new art for our house, so I went searching for options and inspiration. I stumbled across the Art Garage Sale, which has a plethora of beautiful, striking, reasonably priced options. Here are a few that caught my eye...


Spring Lake Farm said...

I loved all the pieces you displayed. Thanks for the resource.

Matilda said...

Really nice selection.

Merry Christmas!

Matty xxxXxXxX