07 August 2009


Last Saturday, I snuck out of the house before the bean woke up, picked up a couple of coffees and met my friend Aubrey to drive to the raspberry patch at the Common Ground farm for some u-pick yumminess. We brought along her two boys, who were very interested in all of the bugs and the yummy "blueberries".

After a 40 minute drive, full of "are we there yet?" comments and a stop off at the port-a-potties (those coffees were big!) we headed out into the giant raspberry patch with our buckets in hand. Common ground has rows and rows and rows and rows of raspberries. It is a pretty amazing site!

We chose a spot in the middle and went to work. The boys soon lost interest in picking and turned to eating, squishing and hiding in the tall grass. I had a bee crawling in and out of the berries in my basket for quite sometime and he put of with quite a few raspberry "bombs" before flying off to a safer spot.

After about an hour and a half, we had a collective 11lbs and some very hungry boys so we packed it up, paid our fees and headed back to town.

Avery, although not able to participate in our picking, did enjoy the fruits of our labor... raspberries are yummy!


Erin said...

What a gorgeous picture of your little one! We, too went blueberry picking this morning. Can't wait to make some blueberry iced tea and lemonade! Rest are going into the freezer since I promised the kids I would take them to the beach this evening! (I get carried away with my garden preserving sometimes until I notice my kids are literally scaling the walls "Mommy pleeeeeaaase, can we go to the beach???"!! I can tell they are learning though, since my 6 year old promptly said "Mom, just freeze them on the cookie sheets so we can go"!

June said...

Woohoo! Gotta love those raspberries. Especially when they are on a face that sweet.

Beegirl said...

Nothing better than a sweet baby covered in berries! How utterly adorable! Looks like a wonderful time!