16 July 2009

gardening for the greater good

I found this Washington Post article about the White House gardens (via Garden Rant) yesterday. It made me tear up, just a smidge. How much would our nation change, in health, connection to nature, confidence in what we can accomplish, if everyone just did a little bit of gardening? How amazing is to have a leader who is really taking the lead on this and showing people what is possible.

As Craig Ferguson would say, "Its a great day for America!"


June said...

For kids, for anyone, there is just no satisfaction on earth like planting a seed, tending a plant, and eating the fruit. And now we have leadership! My two children literally graze through the garden and landscape. They are connected to their own nutrition.

I'm with you. This is such a great day!

Corrin said...

Clif and I hope to be shopping for a new house sometime soon. When we do having a great garden location is key to our decision. I found you from Raising Foodies. I'll keep reading your blog :) Sounds like we have a lot of similar interests.


LobotoME said...

great article - thanks for the link!