10 June 2009

weekend score

This is not from the past weekend, as we spent about 10 hours on Saturday hopping from one graduation party to the next. These are just a few things I picked up over the past few weeks in garage sale mania.

  • A set of vintage wooden puzzles - $1 each
  • A set of vintage cardboard puzzles - $1 each
  • a box with a few quilt pieces and some random cotton fabric - $3
  • An alligator xylophone for the bean- $1
  • A few vintage clothing pieces - $1 each (can't seem to get a decent photo of these)
  • A chest freezer for the basement -$40
  • Oh, and a vintage wind-up "radio" that J's grandparent's picked up, which she also digs...

I am really excited about the great toys for the bean. She loves the xylophone, in fact, that girl loves anything that she can make noise with (drums, rattles, etc). I like that it has keys and the mallet and she can drag it around once she gets around to walking. She also enjoys taking the puzzles apart and having you put them back together again. You can see a few more shots of the puzzles laid out on my flickr photostream.

The freezer, however, was the big, gigantic score. It is older, but in really great shape. It provides an enormous amount of new food storage, so I can really put up food for the coming winter and I don't have to can everything. I am also contemplating becoming a hunter (shhhh, don't tell J. He really wants me to, but I haven't totally committed yet). Guns freak me out, I mean really freak me out, but the idea of not having to spend $5 a pound for good meat is enticing. Plus, it seems more healthy and self-sufficient to me. If I did decide to take the plunge, I would want to really learn how to process the meat ourselves. It gets pricey to have it done and they don't always do a great job. (My dad is probably chuckling in disbelief at this point, having watched me cry through the entire process of cutting up my brother's deer in high school)

So, what do you all think about hunting? Do any of you hunt?


Anonymous said...

You were right, I was remembering and chuckling at the thought of the meat cutting out at Gibby's and of Leo's deer. It was hard for you and Ester not to be mildly enthusiastic cuz Dylan was also helping. Thanks for jogging the old memory, Love, Dad

Beegirl said...

Venison all the way! Still have some in the freezer from last year. We lost our power for 8 ( LONG) days when Ike blew through in the fall. Basically lost most of what I had in my chest freezer. Haven't plugged it back in since. Trying to can most things, but thinking I may have to plug it back in later this summer. Total score on the freezer BTW! We've been thinking of getting a smaller one..less electric and less to loose in the bottom. You know they make freezers that you can run on propane? I looked it up after about the third day without power... : ))

Kendra said...

Although I dont do any shooting myself, I will happily cook up any wild game Erik brings home. I love having my freezer stocked full of venison & antelope if we're lucky. Its so nice to not have to buy beef! Although we splurge on the processing place because a. they make summer sausage and jerky and b. I can't stand the thought of that mess in my garage or kitchen! lol Besides we've only had great experiences w/ H&H here in town.

autumndaesy said...

Also not a gun fan. (which my own gun-toting family members abhor!)We don't do any hunting because after you factor in all the guns/ammo, the licenses, the gas, all that butcher paper and the time involved, it just didn't seem that economical. And I may be a bleeding heart, but I'm not sure I could eat something after I had looked it in the eye. Also why I don't fish or eat lobster from the tank. But I wish you the best of luck!

sallymandy said...

Hi HH: I laughed at your comment about laughing at my post (non profits in Missoula). I think we must know people in common. Anyway, I could not get the comment box on your wedding photo post to open, but they are lovely.

Re: hunting: well, I don't have a desire to do it myself, but I don't have a problem with it if it's done humanely and for food.