17 June 2009

paperless post

Finally a "grown up" evite that makes me feel less guilty about not sending elaborate paper invites. Paperless Post lets you design and send fancy-shmancy invites to all your friends and track RSVPs. It works like evite, but looks a lot more classy and well thought out.

I just used it to design Avery's 1st Birthday invite, after seeing a recommendation from Erinn over at the happy living blog. Tres bon! And it even gets delivered to your friend's inbox in a fancy envelope. Here is the design I went with...

It does cost you "postage" to send them, but its totally reasonable ($5 for 60 stamps) and you get 25 free stamps just for signing up. Plus, if you get your friends to join, you can earn additional stamps too.

So, head over there, sign up and play around with the fun. You might just have to plan an event so you can use one!


Beegirl said...

So fun!!

June said...

Can't wait to try this! Fern and Blossom have lately developed a fancy for fonts, and I'm thinking I will turn them loose on their own party invitations. Woohoo!