31 May 2009


I love rhubarb. I love it in pies, crumbles, jam. I love it on ice cream, pancakes and toast. It's one of my favorite parts of the summer bounty.

In my big freecycle run this spring (where I got the perennials, raspberries and strawberries) I tried to get a rhubarb start as well. I had connected with a woman who was all ready to share, but life kept getting in the way of a rendezvous. When we were finally able to connect, we realized it was too late to do any digging, so she offered to share her fruit this summer with a plan to dig in the fall.

I got the email this week that it was ready to go. I was so excited. I went over Wednesday night with instructions to not take more then half of the plant. After knocking on the door with no response, I walked around the side of the house to find the garden. The path was made up of these really great pavers.

I love the pattern that they had laid out. I came around the corner to this beautiful arrangement of raised beds and flowers. How amazing and well kept is this?!? Our yard is completely overrun with dandelions, knap weed, thistle and other broadleaf terror after a decade or more of perpetual neglect. We are just trying to get it under control. This expansive blanket of green was almost too much. And those brick-lined beds. Wow!

And look at that gigantic rhubarb plant. It was so huge and full that even after I had taken everything I could carry, it looked like I hadn't even touched it. I can't wait to get a piece this fall and to have it come up all big and gorgeous next spring.

I also found this little rhubarb plant about ten feet behind our fenceline on the hill after a hike the other day. It has probably been a little water starved and deer munched, but it should come back strong. I am going to dig that one up as well to give us two large plants to feed my rhubarb obsession.

Finally, I wanted to leave you with this wonderful "window box" hanging on the garage wall in the garden. Isn't that a great idea? Do you think you would have to be a welder to make something like that?


Beegirl said...

Yea for rhubarb! I think I've picked about 3 pounds so far. You inspired me to check out Freecycle too! Thanks!

Kendra said...

Hmm...I get tons of rhubarb from eriks mom and all I ever do is make pie, which is good, but gets tiring. Would you share a few of your favorite rhubarb recipes with us? :0)

bluebarnfarmer said...

Great post! Bring on the recipes! Here are a few swell ones I found because without the internet and my grandmother, I'd be lost trying to eat local in-season and out. (http://www.rhubarbinfo.com/recipe-index.html)

Interested in pickling rhubarb? I am... (http://urbanfoodguy.blogspot.com/2009/05/rhubarb-pickles-smoked-bluefish-pate.html)