01 May 2009

our weekend rendevous

I promised these earlier. Sorry for the delay, but here they are. Last weekend was my beautiful friend Leona's 30th birthday. Her husband planned a surprise gathering with all her favorite people. We spent a few weeks trying to find a place that would hold our families and we were struggling to find a big enough spot that didn't cost an outrageous amount. In steps one of my favorite people of all time, Jessica. Jessica grew up in Jackson Hole, rubbing elbows with rich and famous. She said her mom's good friends had a house outside of Bozeman they didn't use. We could have the place for free for the weekend. We all expected a rustic but comfortable cabin in the mountains. Something our kids could run through and a place we could all spread out in. So imagine our pleasant and awestruck surprise when this is what we drove up to:

This is just one house on the 300 acre ranch where horses roam the fields and the river really does run through it. 6 bedrooms, all with their own bathroom, 3 living rooms, a den, sunroom, huge country kitchen and lots of space for kids to run and play. It was a dream. Here are some photos of the house and the people I love having fun:

Oh, and the GIANT rattlesnake the ranch hand killed while we were there... in the spot we had hiked through a few hours earlier. Creepy!


Kendra said...

Looks like a wonderful place to stay and that you had fun! :-)

Beegirl said...

My mouth is still hanging open. What a fantastic place! Hope you have a great weekend!!

sallymandy said...

Wow is all I can say to that house! What a fun weekend for you and your friends.


The Hip Homemaker said...

I know ladies! It was nuts. I only hope that if I were to fall into wealth, I would be as generous and laid back about sharing my space with random folks!