19 May 2009

kitchen how tos

(from trazomfreak's flickr photostream)

I have been getting regular emails from the folks at apartment therapy since joining the cure a few months ago.

(a quick cure update: I totally tanked out at the end. I realize now that I was trying to take on too much and get the garden and coop done as well. I am slowly getting back into things and hope to paint the kitchen and living area sometime soon. )

One of the kitchn cure updates included this amazing list of how-tos that had been posted by staff and members over the past year or so. It included everything from making fresh pasta to peeling garlic to creating your own cocktail recipes to cracking an egg, one-handed.

There were so many useful things it made me swoon and reignited my desire to get into the kitchen and try some new things.

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Beegirl said...

I love those Ikea shelves. Wanted to get some myself, but they don't work with my wall space and outlets. Bummer...