05 May 2009

here comes trouble

So, one of my favorite things about our new house is the open hill behind us and the wildlife that resides there. I have been completely realistic about the possibility that the deer may attempt to invade my garden, but they have always kept their distance. Until today. They are not yet in the yard, but check out the 3 boys hanging out just beyond our fence line today.

While it was quite fun and exciting to see them so close it does not bode well for small veggies. Not good at all.


Beegirl0211@yahoo.com said...

I can see them crunching the numbers in their heads. Be prepared to battle!!

autumndaesy said...

Did I ever tell you about the time Angela and I were stopped at a stop light on campus and a deer crossed the street...with the light...in the crosswalk! You've got some pretty nervy, urban deer in your neck of the woods!