04 May 2009

the garden plot

Last Thursday night after putting the bean to bed, I frantically raced around my back yard: measuring, cutting wire, putting up my garden fencing and then poking little seeds into the ground. I knew the weekend would be useless with a trip out of town and I didn't want to put it off another week. I want to see little veggie sprouts, dang it!

( the garden sketch)

So after a quick plotting of the garden and hoping I didn't forget anything, I put those little seeds to bed and thus began garden 2009. Here is a quick drawing of the plot. Not totally to scale, but you will get the idea. I still need to pick up some sunflower seeds and starts for garlic, herbs, broccoli and maybe some peppers. My wonderful coworker brought me 10 of her various heirloom tomato starts today and those will be coming home tomorrow to bask in the sunlight on our kitchen table. I am so excited for summer and the bounty (fingers crossed) that's to come!

ETA: you can see a bigger version of the drawing here on flickr.


Beegirl0211@yahoo.com said...

Love your garden map! Can't wait to see your heirloom tomatoes! What a wonderful gift!!

dig this chick said...

yay you! Bring on the sprouts. And, I got a super pleasant little package in the mail when I got home from work yesterday! thanks, sister.

The Hip Homemaker said...

dig: I'm glad you finally got that silly package. Such a space cadet I am!

beegirl: thanks for the kudos on the map. I'm a novice so this is totally trial and error. As for the tomatoes. Gardeners are a generous group that is willing to share the bounty. I put some listings on freecycle and got a hundred raspberry canes, a bunch of strawberries, a rhubarb plant in the fall and free rhubarb this summer until we can transplant. Oh, and a boatload of perennial flowers.

Along with all the amazing advice and cheerleading!