18 May 2009

a few quick things

First off, I am so excited to say that my baby officially crawls. At just under 11 months of age, she has finally decided that mobility is where its at. So yay!

(for any of you who are new here and wonder why I never post photos of the bean or even post about her very often, J is very nervous about cyber predators and kooks on the internet. sorry to everyone who wants to see what she looks like, you'll just have to imagine the cutest baby you have ever seen.)

In other internet news, I have been working on some social networking projects for work and in an effort to experiment without putting my companies info out there for the world to see, I created a few new ways for people to find or follow The Hip Homemaker. It seems a little vain to toot my horn like this, but I figure if people want to get the news through facebook, that's great with me. So, here is my new facebook page using Networked Blogs. You can follow the blog here or share it with your 154 closest friends and family. I am following several of my favorite blogs there. Also, if you have a blog, it may already be listed. All you have to do is claim it. I am also working on a flickr group that you can all join to share your homemaking goodness.

And finally, on a completely unrelated note, last week I received my copy of Urban Outfitters new catalog. UO used to have some great bohemian chic outfits, some fun kitschy housewares, things I would actually buy. Now, granted, I am probably out of their demographic, but when I opened the latest catalog, I was appalled to find outfits like this, filling the pages...

All I have to say is that I regretted these fashion decisions the first time around... will not be making the same mistakes. Do your outfits from the 80s still haunt you?


Beegirl said...

Send me an invite when you get your Flickr group going..I'm in!

Afraid I am out of the fashion loop. I love UO too..great book section. My homestead uniform currently consists of Carhartt pants, tee-shirt (usually free from husband's work) and my pink boots. Although, I did see Hunter Brand mud boots mixed in with the high heels at Nordstrom's last week. Maybe I'm not so far off?

Star said...

The floral dress with black chain belt screams 80's...I might have had that belt :-)

dig this chick said...

And, also, none of those outfits would remotely compliment my thighs. Definitely for 20 somethings who haven't had children. yay, crawling chicken!

Montana Anna said...

Love to see other montana moms out there! Great site... its so inspiring to see other people's ideas!!