08 April 2009

a winner and some rockin' cleaning ideas

So finally, we have a winner for the Wednesday giveaway. Honestly I will be more organized next time. The winner is Nici over at dig this chick! At first I felt kind of silly because I know Nici and see her all the time. But the random number picker does not lie, so congrats sweetie. I will drop it in the mail so you have it when you return from your adventures! Everyone loves fun mail!

Now, onto a must have resource. Real Simple sent a link to this incredibly helpful, extremely thorough list of all natural cleaners. Many of them are things we have around the house anyway and their tips for using them are fabulous. I got some great new ideas from this.

Another quick cleaning tip I picked up while looking through some old issues of domino: To get out stains on old linens, try Fan Chinese Laundry Soap. Has anyone tried this? I may order some just to give it a try.

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Tammi said...

My mom gave me a "laundry bar" to help remove wine stains from my linen napkins & tablecloths. Fels-Naptha is the brand and claims over 100 years of quality. It worked okay, but I needed to wash three times - which seemed really wasteful (but this was post-Thanksgiving, really messed up tablecloth & napkins). I think you can find in an ordinary grocery store. Hope this helps.