07 April 2009

The Spring Cure - Weeks Two and Three

First, a quick update on the giveaway. Silly me forgot to state a deadline, so all comments posted by noon on Wednesday, 4/8 (MST) will be in the running.

(some inspiration for my potential living room palate, courtesy of domino mag)

So, first a confession. After week one I have done more improvising and less following the cure steps to the letter. Clutter was less of a problem, boring and uninspired decor was the real culprit. So, here is my week two list:

Fix one thing- Check! I oiled all of the squeaky hinges. This wasn't on my original list, but it was driving me batty so it was promptly added and attended to.

Clean your kitchen from top to bottom- Check! You know how when you first move into a kitchen, you think you know the best place for everything, but then, after a while, you realize you had it all wrong? Moved things around, removed things and made it function much better.

Buy a water filter - No check... It seems silly when we have good water here.

Run hands over all the walls - again, no check... just didn't feel like doing it. However did start to paint, so I have been paying much more attention to all of our walls.

Clear space for an outbox and use it - kind of check. As I said, clutter isn't a huge problem, but I have started using a corner of my office to put things I am not sure what to do with or things in transition.

Buy fresh flowers. Check! I forgot how much I loved having flowers in the house and daffodils are only $2 for 10 right now so they add instant color for little cash. They are just so cheery. Soon the farmers market will start and I will get my fix there.

Determine your style. Check? I feel like I'm still working on this but I would have to start with something like "eclectic cottage traditional". Somewhat nebulous, but I am certainly not modern. I like soft comfy furnishings, but I definitely gravitate towards traditional elements, with an updated funky, eclectic feel. A little bit bohemian, a little bit grandma's hand-me-downs, a little bit thrifty kitsch.

Find a new recipe and cook at home one night. Easy Check! We cook a lot at this house and I love trying new things. I did a nice light lemon, rosemary chicken as my assignment meal.

Choose a date for your house warming. Still working on this! We have some crazy weeks coming up so I am trying to find a good time. I want to have a girls cocktail night with a little dress up and some great drinks and nibbles. Right now i am thinking May 15th or 16th.

Week three is where it gets a little bit fuzzier. This week was about clearing your entry and getting rid of junk mail and paperwork. This is an area that I have a good handle on so I took this week to work on a few other fun projects. Here is the list though to begin:

Vaccuum, dust and mop. Check...try to do this every weekend so it doesn't get too bad.

Clean your entrance and coat closet. Check... not a lot to do here, as I said.

Arrange to get all of your repairs taken care of. Check... mom is coming over for a week of house project fun so we will do the repairs then.

Declutter your entrance. Check..easy-peasy.

Move old mail and catalogs to outbox. Not neccessary, already in recycling.

Look into creating a landing strip. Check...I have come up with some things to look for over the next month or so at garage sales and thrift stores. I want a narrow console table or dresser to sit either behind the couch or along the wall in the entryway. I also want to find a couple of nice wicker trash bins. One for mail that needs to be shredded and one for mail that can just be recycled. I also want to get a new basket for the dog's toys and accouterments which are kept by the door.

Identify cool and warm rooms. Check! I have been doing this and playing with paint colors. Most of the rooms in my house have large spots of paint on the walls.

Use the 80/20 color rule. I am having a hard time with this. I really like colorful walls, but I am trying to balance it with some good neutrals. This is especially hard in the kitchen, living, dining area, which is one big open space. I have a deep, golden yellow that I really want behind the fireplace, but I can't find a corresponding color to use on other walls to break up the space. I definitely don't want a giant room of all yellow. Too much. I have just started to consider grey as an option. Will look into this over the weekend...

Cook two meals at home. Done... cinch.

Design party invitation. I didn't do this. Want to use some cute, ready made ones just to save time and sanity.

(the invitation for my fabulous, post-Cure soiree; outside and inside)

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