25 March 2009

a wednesday giveaway

So, my intrepid readers, I have been posting very consistently for the past few months. Back pats for me... But now I want to hear from you.

So kids, let's discuss... What is your biggest challenge in your own life as a hip homemaker? Where does your greatest joy come from? I want to hear a little bit about your adventures in homemaking and I would love some ideas to help make this blog a fun but useful place to visit in the midst of your most likely busy lives.

So give it to me people...

And now, the superfantabulous news: one lucky commenter will recieve this super cute vintage dishtowel and a copy of Organizing Plain and Simple. This is a book that I reference often and find useful in a myriad of contexts from cleaning to budget to cheap organization solutions. Yay!


sallymandy said...

Hi Hip: I really like your blog, and I've seen some useful things on it. Your writing is fun, too!

Since I'm a newbie blogger myself, I recently read something very helpful on Colour Me Happy--tips for new bloggers. One was that if we want comments, we have to give them. I've spent a lot of time going out and "getting to know" people and giving feedback on their sites. That's when I started getting more traffic to mine.

I'm following your blog...and you're invited to follow mine!

So...biggest challenge in life as a hip homemaker? Keeping things clean; motivating to clean the house. Taking it one step at a time so as not to get overwhelmed. That's by far it.

Biggest joy? Just having a place we enjoy and spend time as a family. Such a simple thing, but nothing's better. I love using the old family dishes and kitchen stuff that my mother and grandmother used. I love old linens. I love decorating for birthday parties.

Thanks Hip! You have a really nice site here...

Digital Misfit said...

I love your blog. (and I would love a gin and tonic!)

My biggest challenge is motivation, or, more accurately, my LACK of it.
I have so many plans and good intentions to finish projects, but so often they seem to fall out of focus. The little daily life issues take control of my time, and I rarely seem to get it back.
I need to learn to take the reigns and work on the projects that I want without the distractions that trouble me now.


Anonymous said...

Yours is the only blog that I read because I love your writing and your ideas and your sense of humor and your ethic. Do I win the dishtowel yet?

Okay. I'll answer the questions.

Biggest challenge? I am totally ADD, and as a result will create a new brochure or work on a news release before I put the pile of dishes away from the party I hosted two weeks ago. I absolutely detest following through with putting things away. And I am not really a nester, so I do not have one thing haning on my walls. Not one. I like to say that we have so many doors and windows that there is no room, but let's be honest!

Greatest Joy? Hosting friends and parties of course! Living in a home that I know oh-so-intimately because I touched every corner 2000times when we remodeled it from the bones up. I love my garden, and the crocusses coming up in the snow. I love having a killer kitchen and eating from the Kers jars and the freezer all winter. I love the handknit red throws on my couch, and I am a bit ashamed of the trunkload of yarn that I have...but love it too. I mean two trunkloads. Ouch!

Keep up the fabulous work!

Becky D

dig this chick said...

My biggest challenge is sticking with one project start to finish. I instead start something and then something shiny catches my eye and I'm all ooohhh. Maybe I should work on that... and I end up with several nearly finished projects.

But that is also my joy because I work fast and furious in the moments I have.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog and unlike some other blogs aimed at similar goals you make it seem like real life and less like Martha Stewart, which as a real person who has messes/mistakes/crazyness I appreciate your authenticity.

My biggest challenge is finding inspiration. Finding new, creative, things and spinning them to make them unique and "cool". I get stuck in my same old rut and seeing other people's creativity inspires me.

Currently my dogs and creating things with my own two hands brings me the greatest joy. I am currently gardening and creating a chicken coop as well as sewing a bit (though horrible at it). It is so nice to look at something beautiful and say "I did that!".


lacyjanec said...

sorry i wrote the last comment and for some reason it came through anonymous....and in case it doesn't work.

Lacy Cooper

Lisa Hensley said...

Biggest challenge: finding enough time for all the things I want to do, without turning into the mom who plops her kids in front of the TV just get them out of her hair for a bit.

So it makes sense that my greatest joy (in homemaking that is) comes from getting a project done and having it actually turn out well. My successes are about 50-50.

Leslie said...

My biggest challenge is making myself do the things i HAVE to do so i can do the things i WANT to do. Like i guess i do need to organize my extra room so i can get in there to do some sewing projects.
My greatest joy comes when i sit down with my kids and we end up laughing at something and connecting on a very silly level.

Tammi Salas said...

My biggest challenge is mommy-guilt. Plain and simple. My single friends think it's self-indulgent , but it's a reality. How can I get everything done in one day? If so, am I showing off? Am I doing it all? It's not a win-win situation....ever.

I really enjoy the blogs I'm frequenting (yours included), as it makes me feel a sense of reality with moms from afar. The blog and book references are pure survival.