07 March 2009

this weekend's big score

This was actually from last weekend, but I kept forgetting to take a photo. So, this was another boon for the spending hiatus (which I forgot to update in my haze earlier this week, so look for two weeks up updates on Monday). My parents came to town to visit and my mom brought along her old dehydrator along with a few dehydrator books, the book for the bread machine she gave me at Christmas time, and a fabulous vintage Ball canning book. Free is definitely the best score! I am really interested in making fruit leather, which I may try this weekend with some applesauce from the freezer. If you have any tips for the dehydrator, let me know.

I am also going to break out the bread maker this weekend and try one of these recipes from dig this chick. Nici brought it over the molasses one for our dinner date awhile back and it was fabulous. Happy weekend!


dig this chick said...

I came here *hoping* to see your new green beauty! Your scores are fabulous too but I am so so jealous of your new sewing pal.

autumndaesy said...

My favorite dehydrated food is banana chips. My mom used to make them by the ton! We always had a ziploc of banana chips in the pantry. Just slice and dry. They may not look too pretty, but they are really good, and much better than the store bought variety, which have tons of added oils and chemicals to keep them from "browning".