15 March 2009

starting therapy

Since the demise of my beloved Domino I have been looking for inspiration elsewhere. One of my favorite sources of budget-friendly, real people decorating and solutions is Apartment Therapy. Now obviously, I no longer live in an apartment and I am not in big city, USA. I reside in a small mountain town, in a quiet 60s suburban neighborhood, just about as far from a New York, 250 sq foot walk-up as you can get. But I still find tons of beautiful, brilliant and totally doable ideas here.

Some of my favorites from just poking around today:
A few years ago, I came across the book that launched the site at the library (of course!). As I was reading through it again today, I realized how much this book had changed how I looked at my space and the things that I filled it with. I didn't even realize it until I looked back. His main premise is that many of us live in houses that frustrate us, stifle us and general suck the life out of us in a myriad of ways. His goal is to help you find the problems in your house, fix them and get on with enjoying your space. This is where the "therapy" comes in. Tomorrow (monday) starts the next session, the Spring Cure. You have to commit to getting the book and following through on the 8 week process. If you join, you will be added to the mailing list. You will upload photos of your beginning and your progress. As in all therapy, there is digging to be done, steps to follow and nasty sentiments to come creeping out of the closet as you try to send that hideous macrame plant hanger your mom made in the 70s back to the curb. It is just what I need to jumpstart my makeover of this new house.

We moved in December 1st after being transiant couch-crashers for 2 weeks (not nearly as fun with a dog and a baby). Everything we owned had been stuffed into a tiny storage unit and then hastily loaded up again and tossed in our garage. There were less then four weeks to Christmas and we were hosting. We needed to get a support beam put in the basement pronto, to fix a shoddy reno job by previous owners. Oh, and the previous renters did zero cleaning and even left behind a few treasures (like a retainer in the bathroom drawer, gross!) Needless to say, making the beautiful, warm, well-organized home I had hoped for was not really part of the timeline. So, I threw things into the first spot that made sense, no stopping to redo hideous paint jobs or replacing non-existent light fixtures. It was guerilla unpacking and I was taking no prisoners.

Now that I have lived in the space, moved through it day after day, it is definitely time to make it the place I want to come home to every day (or stay home in all day if I am working from home). I want my kitchen to be better organized. I want my garage finally cleaned out. I want my bedroom to be the haven I imagine, not the tossing spot for all the things and furniture we don't know what else to do with. So, I am taking the challenge and joining in. I picked up the book from the library today and I already have a list of things that I am ready to tackle. I am excited to post my progress and gain inspiration from my fellow patients. My name is Amy and my house needs therapy...

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Mitzi said...

Hey there, got your comment on my blog about the Cure - newbies unite! lol I'll follow your progress, can't wait to see how it goes! :)