23 March 2009

The Spring Cure - Week One

(Edited to add: before photos can be found on flickr.)

Last week's to do list:

Make a complete list of repairs and solutions...

...Check! Check out or download my list here.

Vacuum and mop all the floors...

...Check! (Although J did do most of the vacuuming, but I am still counting it people!)

Remove one item from your house and put it outside...

...Check! I posted our pile of moving boxes on freecycle and they disappeared on Wednesday. I also hauled one giant box of stuff to take to the Goodwill and put it in my car.


Buy yourself fresh flowers...

...Check! Lovely photo below.

Sit for 10 minutes in a part of your home that you never sit in...

...Check? This one was just weird to me and because of that, I'm not sure if I completed the task. Oh well.

Look into earth-friendly cleaning products...

...Check! I actually have been using a plethora of "green" products for the last 6 months or so. I have included a few of my favorite "recipes" below.

My Everything Spray

Take an empty spray bottle, fill it half full of white vinegar. Add 15-20 drops of lavender essential oil, and then fill the rest of the way with water. You can use other oils to scent your spray, but I use lavender because it adds a little antibacterial kick. Use this on your counters, table, mirrors, etc.

Smooth Scrub

In a large jar, add 2 cups of baking soda. Mix in liquid castile soap (I use the dish soap from the bulk bins at our local health food store) until it is runny enough to spread, but not too runny. It will dry out over time so you should keep some soap on hand to rejuvinate it once and a while. You can also add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice along with a few teaspoons of vegetable glycerin, which helps it last longer. Use this on your sinks, tubs, stains on counters, etc.

Now, on to week two...

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