17 March 2009

spending hiatus - week #4

I told you all I was going to have a harder time this week. More free time and a thrifting itch that hasn't been scratched for a few weeks means T-R-O-U-B-L-E. I had to run to the hardware store this weekend for the legitimate purchase of vacuum bags. We have actually been opening up and dumping out the same bag for about 3 years because I couldn't find our bags anywhere local, which isn't as bad as it sounds since our last house of 2 years was all hardwood, so we didn't use it as much. But still...

Now, the biggest thrift store in town is right across from the hardware store and I felt myself unable drive past. I swear my car just pulled right into the parking spot. Okay, maybe not... And I suppose I could tell you that the adorable yellow silk shirt and two tattered Oz paperback jumped into my arms and forced me to buy them. But that just isn't true. I caved... big time.

So, that's the bad news. The good news is that, thanks to my Eating Down the Fridge challenge, I didn't spend money on groceries or food. Also, I found the perfect pair of plug-in wall sconces that I have been searching for more then a year now. I want to clear up the bedside table space but still have lamps for reading. And they were a great score for the weekend at $4 each from our local building materials recycling center, Home Resource. Another good spot finding cheap, recycled goods to save some cash. You will see more of these beauties in a future post, as they need some TLC to get up and running.

(the temptations I couldn't resist)

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L.J.T. said...

40% of American's budget goes towards eating meals not at home so just by cutting down on that you're saving tons. Don't feel too much guilt for buying used. It's green!