05 March 2009

Red Shoes

I was getting Avery dressed the other day, lamenting the fact that the child doesn't have red shoes. She has the tiniest feet and she has just recently been able to wear anything larger then a newborn shoe. So, I held back on the shoe buying because I kept waiting for those tiny piggies to grow.

Well, the other night I found myself with some free time and in the spirit of my "dig deeper" challenge, I went through my fabric stash and came out with a new pair of red slippers for the bean.

Simplicity has been reissuing some of their vintage patterns and I picked up a few during a $1 sale at Joann's awhile back. The pattern I used for these shoes is #2867 and is a reprint of a 1948 pattern. There are 3 different styles, each with their own embroidery pattern included. The pattern also details how to do several embroidery stitches for the newbie.

This pattern was super easy to follow. The hardest part was the dexterity it took to sew the tiny pieces together. I also scaled back on the needlework, mainly because I was running out of time and I thought that simpler might be better. In the future I plan to make a few alterations like adding some sort of velcro closure. It's hard to tie little tiny bows on feet that are bouncing and kicking continuously.

(ETA: new photo, a little better)

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sallymandy said...

Oh, how sweet. You could sell those at the People's market, don't you think? The little white flowers make them.