08 March 2009

my new favorite thing

I have done a little happy dance several times throughout the weekend. You see, on Friday, the new love of my life arrived on my door step. Now I want to draw out this whole analogy of the new lover and tell you all about "him", but "he" is so clearly a "she", so I won't even try, I will just introduce you.

Meet my new baby(lock)...

Isn't she pretty, all green and retro and wonderful!?!

Last year during my sewing 101 class, I fell in love with the sergers. I have pined and swooned over them and finally this winter decided I needed one of my own. I started by asking for one for Christmas; no research was done, I had no make or model or features in mind. I just wanted one, any one. But then, as everyone was too intimidated to pick one and I recieved a handful of cash to find my own, I started the task of finding the "right one" for me.

I looked on ebay and craigslist, checked the local sew & vac stores, visited the sewing forums and review sites, asked people I knew and checked out Wikipedia, of course. I learned that sergers were only made for commercial use until a group of employees at one major japanese manufacturer latched on to the idea that they could make them smaller and lighter for the home seamstress. They were rejected by management, but believed in the idea so much that they all quit their jobs and started their own company. Thus, the baby lock was born in the late 60s. My new best friend, the EA-605 was made in the early 70s. The first model to use 3 or 4 threads, it can do an overlock stitch and a double chain stitch, seperately or together to form a safety stitch. It was also the first model to cut and sew at the same time.

It is solid and metal and green (did you see the lovely green?). I found it on ebay from a woman in Illinois. I have to say that while I chose this model for several reasons and after reading a million reviews and opinions, I was still scared that I had made a dumb choice, swayed by her flashy color and vintage appeal. I was so relieved when I emailed the seller to tell her how tremendously excited I was and she replied with a hearty, "You will LOVE these vintage machines!" She has worked for major department stores, altering suits, for almost 20 years and she was just cleaning out her stock as she retired. She actually had 10 sergers, each threaded with a different color, so she could just pick the right machine and not rethread (how smart is that?!?). How nice to get that affirmation from someone so experienced and knowledgeable. I was even more in love.

So, now that you've met, you will hopefully be seeing a lot more of her, or at least her handiwork.


dig this chick said...

yay! I am thinking of getting the same one so we can learn together?! Mine would be blue so as to create a healthy relationship among the colors. I wonder, does your ebay lady friend have more for sale?

Kendra said...

Very cool! I know my mom loves her serger and I've been known to go over and use it to make pillowcases or something else really simple! lol But I'm sure you'll be much more adventurous than that!!

Anonymous said...

I just got the green one, but can't figure out how to thread it. I can only get two of the threads to chain. Do you have any pointers? Can you send post a picture of the loopers?

Gertieanne said...

I have one, bought it used 18 years ago and just put it in a shop to get cleaned and checked over. I don't even know how to use it. I will learn though. The woman I bought it from had lived overseas and was also into designing. I paid $100.00 then. I was wondering if there is a manual? A how to book?