10 March 2009

eating down the fridge

I thought this fit in well with my "dig deeper" challenge, so this week, I am joining in the "eating down the fridge" challenge via homegrown. You can join here on facebook or just shoot her an email to get in on the fun. Here is what we ate for day one:

We had chicken; pounded thin, dredged in flour and pan fried with garlic, roasted potatoes and cabbage and mushrooms fried in the leftovers from the chicken.

For lunches for yesterday and the next few days I made a "burrito" filling of pinto beans, cabbage, mushrooms, ground beef and sauce. add cheese and stuff in a tortilla for yummy mid-day meal.

Join in if you want, one week only!

1 comment:

Cornelia said...

How's it going? Can you see the back of your cupboards yet?