12 March 2009

eating down the fridge - an update

Cornelia asked for an update, so here goes.

I actually kind of feel like a cheater. Not because I have actually cheated, but because I haven't really even had to think about it. I have done such a good job of stocking up on things when there are sales and getting more creative with my meals and planning that this isn't nearly as challenging as I thought it would be.

Tuesday night I had leftovers. Wednesday night; pasta with meaty sauce and garlic bread (which I froze from our pizza hut leftovers a few weeks ago). Tonight, burgers (made with extra meat from the pasta sauce) with cheese and sauteed mushrooms, with a side of tots (tater, of course). For breakfasts we have done leftover pancakes from Monday, oatmeal with raisins and cheerios. For lunch, I had one more day of burrito and then left over pasta. The only thing I really wanted to go get was flour and the right yeast for my bread maker. I used up the last of my flour making a loaf of the molasses cornmeal bread that totally flopped. I think I may have picked up the wrong sort of yeast from the bulk bins at the natural foods store. Will have to investigate this next week though...

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