15 March 2009

eating down the fridge - final update

Here is my final update on this challenge. It was so much fun. I only stepped out once, ordering chinese the other night after suffering through hours of sad, sick baby and being to pooped to care. I would do it again and maybe even shoot for a longer time span in the future. Perhaps this summer, when we are in the middle of garden bliss. I loved the challenge of being forced to be creative with what I had. The biggest challenge came on Saturday when I was having a friend and her son over for a "playdate". I have decided that lunch is the hardest meal to host. Dinner and breakfast are easy peasy, but lunch is sooooo hard. I could think of a million things to make, but they all required a trip to the store and way more work then I was willing to do on a Saturday morning. Inspiration hit when I opened the drawer in my fridge and spied a pack of bacon. BLTs were the dish of the day and a big hit.

I don't know if any of you played along, but drop my a line if you did...

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Tammi Salas said...

I kind of played along. I was supposed to go shopping last Monday and decided to try and make it through the week with what I had. We ended up running to the local market down the road for milk & bacon (necessities, right?) - but did pretty well otherwise. My fridge and cupboards are pretty bare today, but it was a good experiment. Thanks for inspiring me.