24 February 2009

this weekend's big score

So, despite my spending hiatus, I did score some fabulous things this weekend for free! My parent's had been storing a bunch of toys and such from my childhood for the past decade or so. With the purchase of our new and much bigger house, those boxes of childhood goodies arrived promptly on our doorstep. I had tucked them away in the basement for the first few months, but finally had time to start to go through them this weekend. Here are a few of the fabulous things I found, which I guess technically were already mine, but I count them as a score none the less. My much younger self was really on top of things when I decided to save some of this...

(the cutest little chick smock, made from an old feed sack)

(a handmade baby dress made with raggedy ann & andy fabric, lovely crossback pattern)

(a wonderful cross stitched apron. it has several stains, which is why it isn't ironed)

(beautiful ornate baby shoes, still way to big, but someday)

I also spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon sitting in the sunshine with my lovely friend Becky talking garden. To get me inspired she brought me a selection of produce from her garden last year. Beautiful onions and garlic to give me a glimpse of what's to come...

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dig this chick said...

scores! wow, cool stuff. so happy to have you back on the blog train, sister.

I am getting ready to start onion seeds! Let's get together and talk garden yo.