17 February 2009

surviving the recession in style- tip #3: don't spend

Okay, so I know that it may seem simplistic, but as some crazy but accurate old guy once said, "the best way to save money is not to spend it". How many things that we spend our money on in a week or a month do we actually "need"? We don't need that new sweater, in fact, we have a whole bursting-at-the-seems closet that we barely skim the surface of in a typical week. We don't "need" that $4 latte. A cup of homemade joe from the press in your own kitchen will meet your caffeine quota for the day just as effectively.

Now, this is definitely my worst area for cutting back. I love to roam the local thrift stores and come out with some random, but completely unnecessary new piece of clothing or furniture. I never spend a ton, which makes it so easy. It's just $10 here or $7 there, but it definitely adds up over time. And, because of this, I have yet to take the ultimate plunge, the "spending hiatus".

That's right, a Spending Hiatus. Several fabulous bloggers, including my friend Erinn over at the happy living blog, have formed their own little support network and sworn off unnecessary spending until tax day. I know, I am in awe too... I just couldn't quite bring myself to join them, until now. I refuse to jump onto a bandwagon I'm sure I will fall off of at some point. But, after this weekend, I realized how much we spent on little things that we just don't need and how much more money we would have had in our account if we hadn't.

So, starting today, I will avoid the thrift stores, target clearance aisles and all other temptations, buying only what is crucial to our survival and ignoring everything else. This is a big deal because I can barely go a few days without hitting the thrift store for a quick looksee, so 2 months is going to be ccccrazy!

Here is the fabulous blogger that started it all over at Simply Lovely.

And here are the last few things I bought before joining in the fun...

(clearance wall paper from Target, $7.48 a roll, and clearance hooks from Joann Fabrics, $5.99, both for our bathroom)

(winter issue of Boho magazine, interesting, but definitely not something to subscribe to)

If you want to join in the big support group, you can add a comment on the first post I linked too or if you just want to join me, post a comment here. I will be doing weekly updates on my successes and failures, so you could join me on your own blogs.


Joslyn said...

that wallpaper is stunning...worthy final purchase. can't wait to hear how this goes for you!

Sharon from Indy said...

The site is refreshing and informative. I also appreciated the articles on surviving the recession in style. Great suggestions! Another site to consider for support during the recession is survivingtimes.com.

I will definitely place your site on my favorites list.

sallymandy said...

I'm with you. I use thrifting as a recreational activity like some of my more monied friends use shopping at Nolita. It does add up. I'm not stopping all together, because my wardrobe needs serious attention. But a BUDGET will help.