28 February 2009


I had no idea how many bibs one could actually need. I thought one or two, maybe three. But no, try ten, maybe more.

I also had no idea how unattractive more store-bought bibs were. They are all pepto pink and have butterflies, flowers or cheesy little phrases like, "I'm the boss" and "I just pulled an all-nighter". Not really my cup of tea.

So, in desperation, I pulled out my Bend the Rules Sewing pattern again and went to town. Here are most of the results of my blitzkrieg bib marathon (some, of course, were dirty). For more inspiration and ideas, you can check out the Bend-The-Rules Sewing flickr group.

(This one is a little rough because I was in a hurry, but it is also my favorite because it looks worn and well-loved)

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