21 January 2009

while I was away

So, only a few days after my post in October, we received an offer on the house (YAY!) and had 3 short weeks to find a new house, pack and move. We spent many of the next 10 days looking for the right house, afraid that we would have to settle on something that was not ideal. We had finally narrowed it down to two and brought in a panel of friends to evaluate our options and help us choose. Of course, the panel was split so we were forced to make the choice ourselves, although we did have some great thoughts and input from them all.

We weren't super excited about either option, but either would have met our need for space and good location. So, the short version was that we picked one, made an offer and the rest is history. I must say that there is some benefit to needing a house in a down market. We were able to get the house for a steal. The only catch... we couldn't close for 10 days after we had to be out of our old house. Yikes! Couch surfing with a baby and a crazy dog is not for the faint of heart...

Luckily we have great friends and family who housed us, fed us, helped us move twice (once into storage and once to the new house) and orchestrated a few nessecary home repairs all just before the holiday chaos began. Community is an amazing thing!

My favorite thing about the whole adventure is that what seemed to be a fairly unenthusiastic choice has become one of the best decisions we have made. The plain little house we bought almost begrudgingly, has become our much-loved home so quickly and entirely.

From the neighbors to the wonderful open space out our back door, the great yard to the open living space and the great "man" room, this house is the perfect place to contain the dreams and adventures of our growing family.

So, it was a swift and somewhat bittersweet "good bye" to the little yellow bungalow, but I'm excited to share our new home with all of you through pictures and projects, so stay tuned...

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