28 January 2009

another one bites the dust

I am a reformed magazine junkie... okay, semi-reformed. I used to have a horrible addiction problem that has been curbed to two subscriptions and the occasional checkout line purchase.

Last week, I received a notice in the mail that one of my two favorites/subscriptions had published its final issue in December. What?!? Now today, I read on the happy living blog that my other favorite/subscription has also died a horrible death. That's right, more beloved home mags have met a too-early demise. Domino and Cottage Living are no more. Their websites are still up and running, but it ain't the same, if you know what I mean. There are rumors that domino's website is getting the ax as well, so if you have started your "My Deco File", I would suggest getting down there and downloading everything to your desktop. Apartment Therapy actually has a little comment thread going about creating a contraband website of scans from all of these wonderful magazines and I am very tempted to join in the anarchy ("copywrite laws be damned!")

I am going to miss it terribly, and have no idea where I will find my inspiration now. Bleh! Here are a few other old favorites that came to a premature end:

Budget Living
Organic Style

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