21 October 2008

for sale...again

Sorry dear readers, that I have been absent so long... We have put our house back on the market and lost another perfect house we hoped to buy in the last month. We are going to keep our house on the market until it sells this time, so hopefully, by Christmas, we will be in a new house. Now that the initial chaos has worn off, my craft stuff can come out of hiding and I will once again have something to share with you all.

First up a few gifts I made on the sewing machine last week. Two of my favorite ladies had birthdays in the last month and I had not sent anything yet. (Hiding all of my craft stuff to make our 750 sq. ft. house look "roomy" put a damper on things.)

My mom's birthday was in September and she always appreciates my handmade goodness, so I decided to try my hand at patchwork. Taking a cue from Denise Schmidt's quilts, I made a modified log cabin piece that I made into a small pillow. Here is the result, which I am very happy with:

The second was for my favorite friend, Jessica, who we continually try to convince to move in with us. That's how much we love her... Jessica just moved into a new apartment and has been able to pull a bunch of her house stuff out of storage. I wanted to send her something that could double as a housewarming sort of gifty. So, I pulled together a set of quilted potholders in the red and turquoise of her kitchen. The quilting stitches are done in red.

So, again, sorry for the delay and look for more homey goodness in the next few days...

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