12 September 2008

cover up

One of the many tips in Bend the Rules Sewing was the admonishment to take good care of your machine, keeping it free from dust. Now I know, this is one of the 10 commandments of sewing machine ownership, but I have been very bad about it. My sewing machine has lived uncovered for the last few years, in my basement and on the floor under my desk. It has accumulated layers of dust on the top of the machine that I dutifully wipe off, but I am sure the inside is filled with dust bunnies and thread mice. I need to do better. So, the other night, I went searching for inspiration and found a slew of great ideas from others, who like me had started to realize how valuable that little machine was and wanted to protect it. Here are a few fun examples that I found...

This reversible one over at diynamite

This sweet lined one from craftblog

This patchwork one from spool

And my favorite, a quilted one from julieree

Here is mine, inspired by the last one above, but definitely it's own creation.

I have been working very hard to not buy any fabric right now. Yikes! It is really hard, but I have done several of my last few projects using only fabric I have in my stash. For this project, I used some upholstery fabric leftover from recovering some chairs at work and some scraps from my kitchen curtain project.

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