10 September 2008

bend the rules

I have had Amy Carol's "Bend-the-Rules Sewing" checked out from the library for about a month. Amy blogs over at angry chicken, one of my favorites. I had read through all of the tips and hints and the beginning and looked through the projects, but had yet to make anything. Then the notice hit my inbox. It was due back. Dang it! Now I had to scramble, copy the patterns I wanted, glean all of the sewing goodwill I could and then back to the library.

I love the library, I usually have anywhere from 3-12 books out at one time, but I usually hate returning them. I really like checking out sewing or craft books for the same reason I like to check out cookbooks. All of the above can look beautiful and glossy on the shelf, but be completely useless once it is time to actually use it. By using the library copy first, I can see if I should buy my own copy or not.

Bend the Rules will be going on my holiday wishlist this year. It is a great beginners book, and it is full of easy, fun projects that would be great for gifts or for your own house. She adds some of her own fun detail to projects with embroidery, fabric paint, stamps and more. it is a good creative jumpstart for your own projects. Some of my favorite non-project sections of the book include:
  • her detailed and useful list of basic sewing tools, complete with illustrations and descriptions
  • a how to by a sewing machine guide
  • the debunking of "sewing myths"

Feeling panicked about not actually making anything from the book before it was returned, I scanned her bib pattern, blew it up on the computer and went to work. 30 minutes later I had a project that I am unbelievably proud of. Yep, 30 minutes, start to finish. well almost finish. I didn't have any snaps in the house, so I still need to add that. I did however get to use one of the newly-discovered fancy stitches that my machine can do. I was so excited with how well it turned out. So, I will leave you with a few photos ...

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