25 August 2008

this weekend's big score

Got around to a little garage sale madness this weekend. Not the best run, but I found a few treasures. Here are the goods:

- two small metal pails, 10 cents each (I am always looking for things like this to organize little things)
- one vintage seltzer bottle with all working parts, 50 cents (I love buying seltzer water, but I hate all of the waste)
- one cute little penguin ice bucket, 50 cents (I have seen this design several times before at yard sales or antique stores, but never at a price this good. I couldn't pass it up)
- one pair of vintage cat eye glasses, 25 cents (with leather case)
- one floral coin purse, 25 cents

So that comes to a grand total of $1.70. Good deals...

1 comment:

Kendra said...

Cool stuff! :-) Wanted to let you know I really like your new blog banner! You're so creative.