05 August 2008

sew fun - This weekend's big score (kind of)

So I didn't thrift this score this weekend, but I did find it packed away in my basement this weekend, so I'm counting it.

When my great grandpa died, my mom received several boxes of things that had belonged to him and my great grandma who had passed away when I was a baby. Among the bathtub shaped soap dishes and old linens, was grandma Sylva's sewing machine. One of those built-in-the-table numbers, an old singer I think. When my parent sold their house and downsized, mom had asked if I wanted it. Having my own trusty thrifted Kenmore machine I declined. But on my next visit, mom handed me a small box filled with accessories and sewing tools from Sylva's stash. Because my sewing skills and projects were all pretty basic, the box had been packed away, unopened for the last 5 years or so. My post-sewing class projects have become a little more advanced, so last week, I dug the little box out of the basement hoping to find a zipper foot. Not only did I find the zipper foot, I found a plethora of other wonderful gadgets, hemming feet, a ruffler, a buttonholer, and a fancy zigzagger, among other things. They all seem to attach and work with my machine, so I am going play around with everything and see what fun there is to be had. Here are a few pictures of everything...

(A fancy zigzagger)

(The giant buttonholer)

( all of the other feet and attachments, which came with their own instruction manual)

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