17 August 2008

a room for the bean

I have been meaning for quite some time now to post pictures of the finished baby's room, but for a while it was filled with gifts that hadn't been put away and the crib was in our room, so it just ended up having to wait.

The walls are a sweet robin's egg blue peppered with fabric flowers and bird silhouettes. Everything is in order at long last and so, here are some pics of my new favorite room in the house:

(The crib, including the beautiful quilt my grandma made, hanging over the end, the matching bumper I made and the whoozit, who Avery loves to chat with. The two shadow box frames above the crib are waiting to be filled with old family photos and keepsakes, one for mom's family and one for dad's.)

(The crib also acts as our changing area, so I have arranged supplies at one end. The green basket includes diaper covers, lotion, diaper rash treatments, and vintage juice glasses filled with cotton balls, q-tips and snappis. Next to that,I have recycled an old wipes box to hold my flannel wipes and a spray bottle filled with water. Above that end of the crib hangs the mobile that hung over my crib, which just happens to match the colors of the bird lamp I bought perfectly.)

(In the corner, we have a great old wicker rocker that had belonged to my great-aunt Vera. We used to visit her often when was a child and her house was filled with porcelain knick knacks and afghan-covered furniture. When she died, my dad got this chair and my grandma sent me one of her porcelain tea cups. over the back of the chair is a quilt that the women in my office secretly knit over the winter. It came with a knitted pillow filled with lavender and a map that outlines who made which squares and what type of stitches it entailed.)

(In the closet, because her clothes are so tiny and storage is limited, I took down the clothes rod on the left side and put up the shelves. I put a basket on each shelf (these baskets come from Walmart (I know, BAD), but they are only $3 each and they look very nice and not too "country" like the one on the floor) and filled them with clothes, diapers, and blankets, sheets and towels. The closet doesn't have a door yet, so I arranged some of her toys in on the shelves, along with some containers to hold shoes, pacifiers and random things and two toys that were my mom's that are super fragile. The chrome step can is the diaper pail and the basket on the floor is for her tiny laundry.)

(Finally, here is her bookshelf, painted pale yellow. Along with a variety of new and vintage children's books, it holds a basket of extra lotions, first aid kit and fish food on the bottom. The middle shelf is the home of our very resiliant goldfish and a few guppies. On the top is the bird lamp I bought from the lovely Sylvie (which I love), a picture that hung above my dad's crib and our Mr. Potatohead, sporting a Chicago Cubs uniform (Avery's dad's favorite team).)

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Kendra said...

Very cute! :0) Reminds me of how cute my girls' rooms were before they became mobile and curious enough to get into everything, throwing my "cute, organized decor" into "practical and sturdy"! lol