27 August 2008

release your inner decorator

(image from marthastewart.com)

I am on the Martha Stewart Organizing Tip of the Day list. This one came through yesterday and I for one think it is pure genius. Taking a cue from obsessively organized decorator types, she (I know it isn't really Martha who sends these emails, but I am keeping things simple) suggests creating a Decorator's Pouch. This is a simple collection of all of the particulars of your home or current project, pulled together in a zipper pouch. This includes paint chips, fabric swatches, dimensions of all of the furniture and the rooms. Add to it a list of what you still need to find, some photos of trouble spots or or perhaps some magazine clippings of inspiration. Then, the next time you are out thrifting and you find what could be the perfect coffee table, there is no guess work. I think I would also keep a small measuring tape and a pen and paper pad in my pack. A system like this would have made my life so much easier, so many times. Check out the comments for even more good ideas...

1 comment:

Kendra said...

THat is an awesome idea! I've kind of done that, but the zippered pouch would solve the problem of missing paint chips! :-) Thanks for sharing.