13 August 2008

green & clean

Since the birth of the bean, I have become even more interested in all things green, especially cleaning products. I am trying to banish all of those nasty chemicals from our house. It is just safer for the baby and the planet.

My favorite natural cleaners include baking soda and vinegar. There is not too much you can't do with those two and some elbow grease. However, I have been looking for some more ideas and tips for healthier cleaning and I found a couple of resources I wanted to share.

First, I checked out a great book, organic housekeeping, from the library. The author, Ellen Sandbeck not only covers the basics of healthy cleaners and household products, she tackles basic organization, how to design your house so it is easy to clean and dealing with clutter. She deals with things that I never expected to find in this book, including choosing and maintaining a healthy mattress, air quality issues and fire safety. The book is extremely thorough and even if you aren't quite ready to overhaul all of these areas of your life, you get some great information and ideas for the future.

Next, I found a few great blogs:

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent - She has some great reviews of eco-cleaning products along with a ton of other great ideas and information.

Solarkat's Eco blog - She has great information on DIY cleaning products as well as make-up, skin care and more.

The Green Leaflet - This blog was started by a friend of mine just a little while ago. All things eco for the beginner, including a few great eco-cleaning product reviews like chemical free dryer balls.

Lastly, I received an email from a locally-based national non-profit about their new program, Green Cleaning Parties. It's like a hip, eco-friendly tupperwear party and you leave with some healthy safe cleaning products that you made yourself. You can download the free kit from their website or just find more information. I think some friends, good wine, and these green cleaners makes for a fun, interesting evening.

So, its out with the chemicals and in with the healthy, happy cleaners at my house...

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