23 August 2008

a few changes

So, I have been thinking about making some changes and additions for awhile now and here are a few of the first steps.

1) a new header - I am still not totally set on this one, but I am going to put it up for awhile to see if it grows on me. The background is fabric from a vintage apron. (my new toy is my printer/scanner, wee!)

2) an expansion of The Hip Homemaker, as indicated by the small "^the blog" in the header. I am exploring some new incarnations of the hip homemaker ideal and lifestyle. Keep your eyes glued here for more updates...

3) for all of you Google geeks, the chance to put your Hip Homemaker feed on your personalized google homepage. If you have not found this wonderful feature, I would encourage you to check out igoogle. The initial set up is a little bland, but once you are set up, you can choose from dozens of beautiful artist's themes and add a ton of fun and useful gadgets. You can have your email inbox, your google calendar, feeds from some of your favorite blogs (including hip homemaker, just use the button on the top left of this page) and more all in one place. Then you just make it your home page and everytime you open your web browser, all of your favorites are right there. Here is a screen shot of my current page:

On the home tab, I have my calendar (which can be synced with your outlook calendar) the date and time, my todo list from toodledo.com (one of my new favorite tools) and my gmail inbox. Under the "Fun" tab, I have my blog feeds, recipes, and HGTV tips. I also store all of my bookmarks with google bookmarks so that I can access them from any computer.

Aahhhh, now that I am finished pimping Google, I will continue with my updates...

You can also get ready for some new blogs in my blog roll, more consistent posts, website reviews, and maybe some other fabulousness I haven't even thought of yet.

Now, I am off to enjoy a "girls night" while J is out BBQing, setting up a Fantasy football league and playing poker. Avery, Champ (the girl dog) and I are watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, eating Spicy Chicken & mushroom pizza with garlic white sauce from Pizza Pipeline (J won't eat it, so we get it when he is gone. BTW: if you have a PP close buy, i would highly recommned this option for high brow taste on a kegger budget) and drinking some cool white wine (well, I will be, everyone else is too young).

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