16 August 2008

custom onesies

Because our little been was pretty small for the first month or so, we didn't have a ton of "outfits" that fit. She spent most of her time in various onesies, many of them hand me downs from our friend Margot.

I am all for simplicity, but onesies aren't the most exciting apparel. So, taking a cue from Margot's mom, Nici, we did some easy embellishment with fabric appliqu├ęs. Nici has created some really wonderful elaborate designs including our favorite chicken shirt, but I kept it simple with basic squares and geometric cutouts. Using Heat-n-bond, a fabulous product I discovered through my sewing class, I would iron the pieces too the onesie. Then I secured them with stitching, either a simple border or a coordinating zigzag over the whole piece.

(the inspiration)

The result are some not-so-basic basics.


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Hey! Nice work! Love them and he amazing room, you EPer. Congrats on coming to terms with it all....we all have our own mama hurdles and this was yours. I think you figured it out beautifully.