31 July 2008

too much HGTV

So, I am a horrible patient when it comes to recovering from the trauma of natural birth. I was ready to leave the hospital about 12 hours after Avery was born and I was advised to "slow down" by my midwife at my first postpartum appointment. "Slow down", if I slow down anymore, I would be dead. Or so I thought. So instead of weeding my garden, running around town on errands and fun, and working on those house projects I had been saving up, I have been playing with my baby, taking some nice naps and watching HGTV. Alot of HGTV. (Now, I am going to be honest, I haven't stopped doing all of my projects and gardening, just a lot less.)

So, with inspiration from Design on a Dime, I went through this week and repainted a bunch of mismatched furniture in my living room to make everything match a little bit more. Our favorite pieces in the space are dark stained wood, so I grabbed a quart of a rich chocolate paint to do our updates. I painted my $5 thrift store coffee table and an old side table that I have had for years. Both were stained, scratched and various shades of stain that didn't match anything. I also updated the woodwork on my favorite vintage chocolate velvet lounge chair with the same brown paint. Everything looks so much better. Here are a few before and after pictures:

(end table, before & after)

(chair, before & after)

(coffee table, before & after)

Now, I just have to do something about that ratty, dirty couch...


Jess said...

How about some new baby pictures? :-) Loving all your DIY projects!

Mandie said...

Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your creative crafty ideas!


Lisa Hensley said...

I am so with you on the HGTV addiction. I watched HOURS when home with our first babe, and have been addicted ever since. One nice thing though? It's always a safe channel to turn to when the kiddies get older and dad left the TV on HBO the night before. :-)