30 July 2008

mama's got a brand new bag

Awhile back I posted about the stellar sewing class I took last spring. We made several great projects, including loungey pants, pillow cases, little zippered bags, and a final project of our choosing. Each project was chosen to teach us a specific skill, including various seams, zippers, button holes, drawstrings and hems.

For my final project I chose to make a bag that could be a funky, stylish diaper bag. (The store bought options are not appealing to me at all.) So, using a vintage barkcloth tablecloth I had thrifted the week before for the main fabric, a light cotton for the lining and a heavier contrasting fabric for the handle, I set to work. I made a few adjustments to the pattern, See & Sew #B5124. I put additional pockets inside, made the handle wider and skipped the cardboard base that they suggested. All choices I am very happy I made. The result is a casual, funky hobo-style bag that is roomier then it looks. I really like this bag. Oh, and the exterior fabric's riotous pattern hides any grubbies I encounter.

So, here's a few shots of the outside:

And the inside pockets:

(Two big pockets for random diapering supplies)

(Cell phone and key pockets so you can find the buggers)

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sallymandy said...

great looking bag!