20 June 2008

takin' her sweet time

(Image from alree30's flickr photostream)

Tuesday was our "due date", a concept that J has now declared an evil conspiracy. I keep telling him that she will show up when she is ready, but he will have none of it. He has tried bribing her, egging her on with challenges, singing to her, enticing her with all of the fun things we are going to do, but nothing has worked yet.

I have felt pretty calm and unpanicked the whole time, which makes me really happy. In fact, up until this week, I hadn't felt any sort of indications that things were happening. This week however, it has been really interesting to feel the movements and changes that seem to indicate subtle but monumental shifts are happening. Dropping down; more pressure; an energetic burst of laundry, dishes, general cleaning; contractions that carry on for longer periods.

We have definitely been trying a few things on the list of "jumpstarts". I walked the golf course twice with J, got a pelvic adjustment at the chiropractor, the old "what got you in, will get you out" technique. We are meeting with our birth coach tonight to get a few more tips, all to keep J from losing his mind and avoid our scheduled induction next Wednesday.

So, any day now, we will be no longer pregnant, cuddling that little bean and soaking up the euphoria. We'll keep you posted...

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