01 June 2008

mama craft

One of the fun perks about this whole mama business is getting to dive into some new crafty projects. There are all sorts of fun new sewing projects; toys, clothes, curtains. And everything is cute...

I wanted to show off a few of my recent mama crafts.

The first project is a set of foam-filled, flannel blocks. This idea was inspired by Nature Babies by Tara Jon Manning, which I picked up from the library a few weeks ago. It features a lot of knitting projects using organic materials along with some other crafty projects. My blocks were not made out of organic material and were definitely a variation on her "soft play blox" but the general idea was there. I added the ribbon tags to make them easier for little hands to hold onto.

This next project is one of my favorites. Have you ever done something creative or crafty that turned out way better then you expected and you are just so proud you could sing? That's how I feel about this project, which is not totally complete, but you will get the idea.

The inspiration for this project came from Inke, a dutch company that creates silhouettes of animals, trees and birds from vintage wallpaper. I used this idea and instead took fabric that is in the baby's quilt or complimentary and used print outs of bird silhouettes to trace and cut out of the fabric. I love birds and thought that it would be a fun, quaint idea for the babies room without being too cutesy or childish. I also cut out some gigantic flowers to sprout up around the room as well.

To stick them to the wall, I used homemade liquid starch, which was simple, non-toxic and when you want to take them down, you just spray with water to loosen and peal them off. You can reuse them and you just have to wipe down the wall with water. You can find examples around the web of people using this technique to cover hideous rental walls entirely in fabric.

To make the starch, just mix 4 cups of water with 4 tsps of cornstarch in a pan over med-high heat on the stove. Stir until the cornstarch is dissolved and it starts to simmer. Pull it off the stove and let it cool completely before you use it.

Then you just dip the fabric pieces in the starch, squeeze out the extra and smooth it onto the wall. It will dry and adhere to the wall. This mixture shouldn't damage your paint or surface.

I am really happy with the baby's cheerful, colorful room, now we just need to get the baby to go with it...


Beth said...

Those bird decorations are incredible! Anyhoo, I just found your blog (which is great), and wanted to say "hi" from a fellow Missoulian!

dig this chick said...

Amy! That looks fab! You know I do love a good wall decor.