04 June 2008

baby birdy lamp

The baby's room is getting closer to completion and I am really happy with the results. My parents are coming this weekend with the quilt that I thrust on my grandma and the leftover fabrics. Once the fabric comes back, I will finish the bird silhouettes and flowers.

Also, I will be sure to post the pics of the quilt of that next week, along with an apology to my wonderful, patient grandma for not ceremonially burning the whole project in the backyard. It turned out to be much a much more involved and challenging project then I anticipated (which is normal) and it was only exacerbated by my lack of knowledge and skill in "prepping" the project for her. But, I have heard that it looks amazing and I have no doubts.

The folks are also bringing a rocking chair (if it will fit in the car), which belonged to my great aunt. It will fit nicely in the corner for some rockin' baby snuggles.

The cloth diapers are all pre-washed, the clothes are all folded and hung.

I just need to finish the crib bumper which will match the quilt, hang a few coat hooks, put up curtains, and start on the shadow boxes hanging over the crib.

The one missing piece is a lamp, for quiet, late night feedings and such. I love me some lamps and have an eclectic collection spread throughout the house and tucked away in storage in the basement, but none of them seem quite right. I had tossed around the idea of buying a short-term fill in until I could find "the" lamp, but hadn't even found that yet.

Then this morning, I was reading through some of my favorite blogs and I came across a post about Blossom Home, a cute little shop south of San Fran, on Home, by Sunset mag. I had seen the shop before on sfgirlbybay and had fallen in love, but this time, it was light shafts and angels singing as I spotted this photo:

The perfect lamp for my babe's room. I really like the orange, yellow and green, but any of them would do the trick. I emailed Sylvie right away to see if they were still available. Fingers crossed...

ETA: Sylvie emailed me back and the lamp is still in her shop. And, it is a lamp and a night light, with the night light inside the little egghouse. How fun is that?! Tomorrow it will be mine...


autumndaesy said...

Congrats on using cloth diapers! I'm glad I'm not the only "left-over hippie" out there!

Sylvie said...

Hi Amy!
The birdie lamp is flying your way as of yesterday, as promised :)
xo Sylvie