29 May 2008

share the handmade love

I have always been a big proponent of handmade gifts, either things I have made myself or things that I have bought from other crafty mavens. I would much rather give something small, personalized and handmade then the most elaborate, commercially-made tchotchke that someone will use twice and forget about. When I am making a gift for someone, I feel a really strong connection to that person. I am thinking about them specifically, their favorite colors, activities, etc. Some of my favorite baby gifts have been handmade items from friends and family, blankets, a cradle made by hubby's great-grandpa, clothing, toys, etc.

Last year, I had a hard time getting anything made for anyone for the holidays, but this year, I am getting an early start and that, along with no morning sickness, should make things go a little more smoothly. But in case I don't get as much done as I hope to, I plan to buy more homemade gifts this year too, instead of hitting Target or Ross for those last minute finds.

That's why, even though I am behind just a bit, I was excited to find buyhandmade.org. Here you can take the pledge along with almost 20,000 others (I am #19,446) to buy handmade gifts more often and to recognize the importance of supporting crafters in our own communities and beyond. You can also get a snazzy web button to add to your blog or website, like the one at the right.

So get yourself over there, join the masses of handmade-loving folks and get your craft on this year!

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