27 May 2008

sew stylish

I am leaving for my final Intro to Sewing class. Every week, I plan to bring my camera to document the process and everytime I forget, but not this time (she says with steely resolve, even though her camera still sits on the desk rather then in her bag).

This class has been so completely amazing and worth way more then the $70 we paid for the 8 weeks. Everything has been so basic, but craft-altering at the same time. Little things like which way the bobbin should spin in the case, cutting a straight piece of fabric, different types of basic seams, zippers, button holes, wonderful, wonderful sewing basics.

I have been looking for some fun patterns and came across the Burda Style site. They have some really fabulous patterns, along with pictures of things people have made using the patterns. There are about a dozen things that I want to make. Here's a few:

(Sailor in Burmuda)

All photos from the Burda Style Website

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