19 May 2008

moving on up...almost

So, I promised this post weeks ago, but my ability to do it all has been severely compromised lately. (more on that later) Back in February, we put our little cottage on the market in an effort to get into something bigger before baby. We had done a lot of work since we bought it 2 years ago, but there were still a few outstanding (unfinished/half-finished) projects that we thought we might be able to skip out on. So, we put it on the market, knowing that it may not sell, but casting our lot anyway. Now, I am generally of the thought process that things happen for a reason and if it is meant to work out it will. This line of thinking usually keeps me from stressing too much or becoming overwhelmed by major life changes.

This time, probably partially due to the hormones of pregnancy, I was not really able to maintain the peace and serenity I have in the past. Over the course of 2 and a half months we had over 50 buyers look at our house and not one offer, which is just insane!! Aside from some of the obvious flaws (really small, yucky cabinets) most of the feedback was positive (cute, great location, nice yard, good first house) and there were a few hints at offers, but nothing ever came through. Meanwhile, we had found a possible new home and had an offer in, pending our successful sale. Finally, a week before our drop-dead deadline for pulling it off the market(I did not want to be packing and moving at 9 months gigantic), an offer came in. Young couple, first house, very excited, seemed like destiny. We had a 3 week closing deadline and no worries from our agent or theirs. I was collecting boxes, keeping a list of friends and family that offered to help move, making lists of things that would need to be done in the new house right away. we were moving right along. Then (you all know what's coming) without any warning (even their agent was totally blindsided) they pulled out. That was it, done.

My "if it's meant to be" philosophy flew right out the window. I was completely devastated fora few days. The new house wasn't even our dream house, just what seemed to be a much better option for us. We would have had a room for the baby, an office and a guest room and they wouldn't be all in one room. A roomy "manroom" in the basement could house all the Playstation, big screen, ESPN, Rocky posters and Cubs/Budweiser mirrors that my husband could hope and dream for. The yard was large and open, the neighborhood great. We would even be within walking distance of some of our best friends. We were even looking forward to, or at least not worried about the flaws: brown shag carpet, fake paneled walls, roof in need of replacement and neglected hardwood floors.

Then suddenly we had to shift gears. I had a few days of really hating our little house, and that isn't normal, because I really like this house a lot. But it had become a stumbling block and barrier.

But that passed, my parents rallied and came to help us do some much needed remodeling to the floor plan (the bathroom door was in the second bedroom), and we have started to do a few other projects that I think will make it much more saleable when we put it back on the market later this summer. This weekend we cleaned and reorganized, the sun was out, the old maples in our yard leafed out and the flowers were coming up everywhere. Everything felt a little less dramatic and the baby even has a room. So, that is the big update... here are some lovely demo/remodeling photos for you to admire. Finished product pictures in the next few weeks.

(This is how you used to get into the bathroom. The door on the right is the original bathroom door and the opening on the left used to be the door to the closet for this bedroom. The opening beyond that is the new bathroom door. We absorbed the old closet into the bathroom.)

(Here are my parents. My dad is inside the old closet and my mom is in the second bedroom. Champer is checking out the tools. All of those white glares are from all of the dust in the air from cutting out the sheetrock.)

(After making a new entry from the living room, we took out the two old doors and sheetrocked over that whole wall. I was the mudder and taper for most of the weekend.)

(Here is a shot of the bathroom after most of the basic work is done. On the right is the wall where the old doors used to be. The front of the bathroom is where the closet used to be. We took out the big ugly old vanity and put in a pedestal sink just inside the door on the left. As you can see, everything is covered with a lovely layer of sheetrock and mud dust.)

(Finally, the state of our living room for the weekend. These conditions persisted in a less extreme state for the last two weeks as we finished the mudding and taping and textured the walls. We finally finished that, painted and tiled the bathroom floor so that we could really clean everything up. I was so excited for the chaos to end.)

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kevinbcarney said...

I needed a picture of a remodel showing the demo between two rooms and I found a good one on your website. I've linked back from my use of the picture on my site to help give you a little Google juice, and just wanted to let you know.

Thank you.

Kevin @ Solera Home Improvement