28 March 2008

Knit Mittens

I realize that I am a wee bit behind the season on this one, but I found inspiration and I wanted to share it. Starting with this post on Angry Chicken, I follow the links to Hello Yarn.

Sometime in my late childhood, my mom received a box of odds and ends that were cleaned out of my great grandpa's house when he died. The box contained some of the usual decor of the elderly, plastic jeweled kleenex covers, bathtub-shaped ceramic soap dishes, etc. But amongst the kitschy bath decor, there were a few really fabulous treasures. I found a set of framed photos of my great-great-grandparents with notes scribbled on the back that hung in my room all through high school. I also found a beautiful pair of handknit mittens that had been my great-grandma Sylva's. They are brown with golden yellow flowers and her name knit precisely across the hand. Those mittens have been packed from home to home for the past dozen years. Last year I found a similarly knit pair at a garage sale, gold with cream flowers. Both pairs are flat, tightly knit and precise in their patterns. And for these reasons I have continued to be completely enamored with them. (I will post pics of both later)

So, imagine my surprise when I found the wonderful mitten patterns on Hello Yarn. Flat, precise, tightly knit wonders...

(Fiddlehead mittens from Hello Yarn)

(Squirrel & leaf mittens from Hello Yarn)

I had started to learn to knit a few years ago and only managed to make a dozen dishrags before succumbing to boredom with the whole thing. I think that these patterns my just inspire me to pick up those needles again. Of course, I wouldn't want to start with something "beginner". Let's just dive right into challenging instead. I think i could knit these one pair after another, playing with color and texture, into infinity. But for a start, I will try one pair, which will probably be completed just in time for the first snow of next winter...

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Marilyn said...

Hi, just stumbled across your blog and it's lovely. These mittens are very similar to a pair my in-laws brought me as a souvenir from Latvia - very folkloric, warm and beautiful. Good luck with your knitting, and keep up the great blogging.